Our Founder

The Children’s Grief Centre was founded in 2009 by Sr. Helen Culhane and a support group of professionals with backgrounds in social work, psychotherapy, general practice, psychiatry, and education to provide support to children and young people affected by loss through death, separation or divorce.

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A Safe Space

The Centre provides a space and place for children to explore their experiences of loss associated with bereavement and parental separation. It provides a safe, non-judgemental environment where grieving children and teenagers can express what they feel and learn that they are not alone. In addition, the Centre strives to raise awareness in the community about grieving as an important part of life that is essential to an individual’s on-going growth and development.

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The Children’s Grief Centre provides a place where children and young people can come to begin the process of healing with the support of friends, families and trained volunteers. The service is located at Westbourne, Ashbourne Avenue, South Circular Road, Limerick.

All services are offered free of charge to children and young people and are available for as long as they need them. The Children’s Grief Centre is largely resourced through the efforts of our volunteers and is reliant on funding being provided from a number of sources including donations from parents and guardians who avail of services here at the Centre, and from philanthropic organisations and the HSE.

Our Service

The Children’s Grief Centre is free, one-to-one support service for school-aged children and young people affected by loss through death, separation or divorce. It provides a safe and supportive place for children and young people and their families who are grieving. The service is provided by trained and experienced people.

The Children’s Grief Centre …..

  • Do not provide a counselling service or therapy.
  • Do not and cannot be considered as a first response for a bereavement or loss that may be a more traumatic loss experience e.g. suicide.