Organising Your Own Event

Whether you are organising your own fundraising event, participating in, or attending events taking place.  The Children’s Grief Centre relies upon the community for your support. 

Organising your own event can be great fun and extremely rewarding. There are lots of ways to raise funds.   

Get together with a group of family or friends at work, school, sporting clubs or community centres and then call the Children’s Grief Centre Team. We would be delighted to support you.  We will provide sealed collection buckets, signs, sponsorship cards and t-shirts. 

Charity Partner of The Year

Naming us as your chosen Charity of the Year can have meaningful benefits for both the Children’s Grief Centre and your company. We would be delighted if you would consider us this year.  We will work with your charity committee to support and develop a programme of fundraising and volunteering opportunities that have impact, meaning and enhance your CSR. 

 Benefits to your company include:  

  • Enhanced staff motivation 
  • Meeting Corporate Social Responsibility objectives 
  • Motivating staff and encouraging team buildings 

Raising Funds in the Workplace

There are so many ways in which you can raise funds through your workplace.  This can lead to positive publicity for your company and make a difference.  Fundraising activities organised by staff members are of significant benefit to us. 

Organising events can inject some fun into the working day and it means that you can raise money without needing to give up too much time. 

You can host a coffee morning in your office or canteen. Why not dig out those runners, round up a few friends or colleagues and sign up for a local running event or marathon and join in the fun! 

Payroll Giving

Payroll Giving, also known as Give as you Earn, is a highly effective, trouble free and simple method of donating to Children’s Grief Centre direct from your pay on a regular basis. 

If your company runs a Give as you Earn scheme, you can request that you would like to donate to Children’s Grief Centre. 

In Memory

Organising an event in memory of a loved one who has passed away is a lovely way to keep the memory of that person alive. 

By supporting the Children’s Grief Centre in memory of a loved one, you are helping the Centre to support more children and young people whose lives have been affected by loss through death, separation, and divorce. 

How We Will Support You

We want to help make this experience an enjoyable one for you! Our fundraising team will be available to support you every step of the way. 

  • Talk through your event and answer any queries you may have. 
  • Provide fundraising resources and materials like logos, guidelines, etc. 
  • Give you useful tips and advice on fundraising. 
  • Provide the Children’s Grief Centre leaflets, pull-up banners, and other event resources. 

Give Fundraising a call on (087) 457 8030 and we will be happy to guide you and give you any advice and help that you need. 

Contact us: 

Phone: Fundraising Department (087) 457 8030