Guidelines for Fundraising

Thank you for choosing the Children’s Grief Centre CLG to be a beneficiary of your fundraising event. Please read the guidelines below and contact us by email at for your free Fundraising Pack, alternatively you can contact us on (087) 457 8030 for further information.

1. Permission to fundraise

Before organizing and conducting a fundraising event in the name of CGC, you must:

  • Be over 18 years old (if under 18 years of age, you will need permission from a parent/guardian).
  • Contact us for a Fundraising Pack
  • Please do not make any announcements or publicise the event until CGC gives approval.

2. Data Protection

  • Data protection acts cover the use of information, photographs and videos. As the event organizer you are responsible for any personal data generated by photo/video.
  • CGC will not provide donor, client, vendor, volunteer or staff mailing lists or other contact information.

3. Insurance and Permits

  • Community fundraising event/activity sponsors must obtain all necessary insurance and permit requirements for their event.
  • The individual/organization responsible for the event intended to benefit CGC must agree to indemnify and hold CGC blameless for any and all risks and claims that may arise as a result of the event. CGC is not responsible for any liabilities, liability insurance, losses, debts or expenses arising from the event or event promotions.

4. Management of Fundraising Events

  • In organising or sponsoring a CGC fundraising event or activity, the host agrees to handle the majority of details of the event including related costs, recruiting volunteers, creating marketing materials, all necessary permits and insurances as well as general oversight of the event.
  • CGC assures the privacy of those we serve – children, individuals and families; therefore, no current or former client of CGC may be contacted in connection with the fundraising event or activity.
  • CGC will advertise the event via its social media platforms if time and scheduling allows.
  • CGC will not purchase advertising to promote community fundraising events or activities.
  • Any contact with the media must be coordinated with CGC. CGC cannot guarantee media coverage for community fundraising events or activities.
  • If food is involved in the event, every care must be taken to ensure safe preparation, storage and cooking, and follow all good hygiene practices.

5. Use of CGC Name and Logo

  • In naming an event, ‘The Children’s Grief Centre’ or ‘CGC’ should not be used in the title, but rather as a beneficiary of the proceeds (e.g. ‘All proceeds from this event will go to the Children’s Grief Centre’)
  • Prior approval must be sought in order to use CGC’s branding (i.e. name, logos, images, letterhead, etc.) on printed and digital media (including for the purposes of soliciting prizes, sponsorships or cash donations), media materials and releases associated with the event.
  • Logo and associated branding should not be altered in any way – for example changing the colour and shape of the logo.

6. Donations

  • Where possible we recommend the use of an online platform for your fundraising to minimize the risks associated with cash handling. The Children’s Grief Centre can recommend online donation platforms for you to use and can assist you in setting this up.
  • If you are using collection buckets, you must request CGC buckets. These will be signed out to you, sealed and numbered. They must be returned with the seal intact.
  • If you require sponsorship cards, these must be requested at least a week before the event. Our fundraising office will provide sponsorship cards and these come preprinted with the CGC logo and card numbers. They need to be returned within one week of the actual event, along with all monies collected as specified on the card. All cards need to be returned regardless of whether they have been used or not.
  • Receipts are given for all individual donations received, please ensure you provide an email or postal address and we will forward a receipt to you.
  • In some cases, where fundraising takes place online receipts are auto-generated by the donation site.

7. Proceeds from your Event

We request that you forward monies raised from fundraising events within one week. Funds can be transferred by bank deposit, cheque or online transaction (unless using collection buckets – sealed buckets must be returned to the office).

Office drop in

All buckets must be returned with seals intact. Please phone our fundraising department on (087) 4578030 or our main office on (061) 224627.


Send by post to:

The Children’s Grief Centre,
Mount St Vincent,
O’Connell Avenue,
Limerick V94 221W.

(Please do not send cash in the post.)

Online Donations

Online donations can be processed on our website:

Bank Deposit

Account name: Children’s Grief Centre Company Limited by Guarantee
Bank: Bank of Ireland
Bank address: 125 O’Connell Street, Limerick
IBAN: IE98 BOFI 9043 0914 0299 63


These guidelines are in place to protect all involved parties, so please read them thoroughly prior to organising an event.
Should you have any questions, please contact our fundraising department on (087) 4578030 or

Thank you for your support of the Children’s Grief Centre CLG
CHY 22832 RCN 2020 5877

Further information is available by visiting the following links:
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