Be Safe Online is the Government’s campaign to highlight ways to help you stay safe online.

It is now almost impossible to imagine a world without the internet or to imagine a future where the internet has less of a role in our lives than it does today.
It is important to acknowledge the positive effect the internet has on society. We can be connected with loved ones in an instant, no matter where they are in the world; businesses can access markets far greater than could be achieved through traditional means at far less cost; and students have a wealth of information and resources at their fingertips.
At the same time there are risks associated with the online world.

This link below provides access to a wide range of Online Safety resources, to support online safety for all.  For more information read below the ‘Online Safety Action Plan 2018-2019’ published recently by government.

7082532-ONLINE SAFETY ACTION PLAN 2018-2019-1

While Government has an important role, it alone cannot effectively address Online Safety issues.
Industry, educators, parents, and children and young people must all play their part.