We are celebrating the Charity Trustees’ Week and, as a member of The Wheel, we are encouraging you to get involved!

Charity Trustees’ Week (13-17 November) is being organised by a steering committee consisting of the Charities Regulator, The Wheel, Charities Institute Ireland, Dóchas, the Carmichael Centre, Boardmatch Ireland and Volunteer Ireland. The aim of this initiative is to celebrate the role of charity trustees and raise awareness of the vital work done by the over 37,859 people who volunteer their time and expertise to direct, and are legally responsible for, the running of Ireland’s charities.

During Charity Trustees’ week we are challenging you to:

  1. Profile and thank your organisation’s trustees on social media. Please use the hastag #TrusteesWeekIrl on Twitter and Facebook.
  2. Take part in one of the special  Trustees’ Week events. We strongly encourage our members to attend the Charities Regulator’s event in Dublin this Wednesday evening from 19:00 to 21:00 at the O’Callaghan Alexander Hotel. The Regulator will  be demonstrating a new online learning tool for charity trustees at this event. Register here.
  3. Follow the Charities Regulator’s Charity Trustees’ Week page on LinkedIn for topical blogs blogs and news.

Join us this week as we:

  • Celebrate and thank charity trustees for the key role which they play in the governance and leadership of Ireland’s charities;
  • Highlight the importance of good governance of boards, promote the need for a thorough knowledge of trustees’ roles and responsibilities, education and upskilling of trustees;
  • Highlight the need for new trustees to come forward, and highlight the means by which new trustees can be connected with charities that need trustees.

Get involved, and help shine a light on the important work of our trustees!

Best wishes,

The Wheel


Click on the link below to find out more.  Thank you