We had hoped that Saturday, June 15th would be a bright sunny day for the Children’s Grief Project Party and had made lots of plans. However, just in case it would rain on the day we had a plan B……

On the day it rained and cleared and rained again so it was decided to revert to Plan B which meant having the party indoors.

At 2.30pm the art room was abuzz with children, parents and volunteers all working on an art activity to ease into the day’s fun. The art room was open all day and children made many return visits and had some really nice art work to take home with them.
Nail painting, face painting and soft ball activity spaces were created in the long hallway, while a variety of dances, races, statues, skittles and all sorts of creative games took place in another large room in the building. The most popular spot was in the dress-up area where children dressed up and had fun parading around.

Then it was time for food! Hamburgers, chicken and sausages in plenty were served and the food and drinks were enjoyed by children and adults alike. There were buns and sweets and a chocolate marshmallow fountain was a treat for all to enjoy
Thirty six children and eighteen parents attended the party and they had so much fun and interacted so well with each other that it seemed they didn’t miss the outdoors at all.

The children were all gone by 5.30pm and the wonderful volunteers made sure the wash-up was done and that everything was spick and span and back in order before they went home.

The day was a great success for the children and many thanks to all volunteers who worked so hard to make the day special for everyone.