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It’s Christmas Time at the Children’s Grief Centre, and this year our generous Ambassador Olive Foley has delivered a 10 foot tall tree that was a joy to decorate after a tough year for everybody.     Our head of fundraising Katrina Morgan had hand-made hundreds of beautiful clay hearts, many of which had already been decorated by everyone from schoolkids to our corporate partners, and they looked so good on the tree that Olive offered to spend the 12 days of Christmas decorating clay hearts on demand.

Thus, the ‘CGC Memory Tree’ initiative was born, and in the video below Olive explains the simple process of making a donation via this website, and describing how a loved-one should be remembered on the clay heart.   Click HERE to send us your donation and message

This is a time of year when thoughts of loved ones come to the fore, sometimes happy but often tinged with grief and sadness.   What better little way to annually remember someone than a clay heart on our #CGCMemoryTree, and Olive will be delighted to send you a photo of it hanging in place.

Happy Christmas to you all, and we look forward to a better year for all charities and support groups in 2021.