Below are extracts from comments made by children / young people:

‘What was most helpful about the service?’

  • “The most helpful thing was being able to talk about how I feel and getting help”.
  • “Being able to talk to someone letting it all out”.
  • I stopped worrying.
  • “To talk about everything”.
  • “Helen helped me by saying it was okay to cry”.
  • “The sessions made a difference to me, now I am not as worried as I used to be”.
  • “Coming to talk about your problems and issues in life”.
  • “It helped me to know it’s not the end of the world”.
  • “I stopped getting pains in my tummy”.
  • there was someone you could talk to and that someone listened”.
  • “Being able to talk freely and openly in a safe environment without judgement”.

Below are extracts from comments made by parents:

‘Have you noticed a difference in your child’s behaviour?’


  • “After the first session I noticed a very big change – out of the blue he said ‘I don’t know why but for some reason I feel happy’.
  • “He has become much lighter and is no way near as tearful as he was”.
  • “She is very relieved at the outcome she has achieved through her voice being heard”.
  • “She is less burdened with worry and seems lighter, brighter and happier”.
  • “Our home life is less fraught”.
  • “He isn’t afraid to share his opinions”.
  • “She is a lot happier than she has been in 3 yrs”.
  • “Yes I feel after each session that the children feel a sense of relief and light heartiness”.
  • “His mood swings have lessened and he seems a happier child.”
  • “On attending it was like the little light being switched back on”.
  • “Yes he is much happier now, he is starting to gain confidence and he is starting to be a child again”.