Helen our Project Leader attended the launch of Family Support Center for men and women in Limerick  FAMILES  on  October 9th a in the Pery Hotel .

It is a new dedicated First Family Support Center for men and women coping with the effect of relationship breakdown.

The new  building  is at 291,  Fr Russell Square, Hyde Road, Limerick.

Families is a non-profit charity run by dedicated volunteers.

They also launched a Mutual Women’s support group which will take place on Wednesday evening at the new center.

Dr Roisin O’Shea spoke about the shortcomings in the family law courts and in particular the severe pressures they are putting families under. She also outlined research from her findings.

The family law system all around Ireland is bursting at the seams with significant delays in the courts and with the Legal Aid board, there are people waiting a long time just to get a hearing so they can get access to their children.

Familes is a support group for men and women going through a separation/divorce or relationship breakdown. They maintain a  24/365 helpline, hold Mutual support group meetings, one to one meetings, counselling, information, advocacy.

Familes primary aim is to help when the unfortunate event of a relationship breakup happens, having someone to talk to and listen in a safe confidential environment means that it will reduce the trauma associated with separation and divorce. If you or anyone you know is having difficulties in this area, call the Helpline at 0872603603, see www.familes.ie/Facebook for more information.