The Children’s Grief Centre has launched an exciting new bereavement education project this week which sees the centre partner with the Lorna Byrne Children’s Foundation. This generous funding from the foundation will allow the centre to  design, publish and roll out a specific Bereavement Toolkit for teachers in Primary Schools in the Mid-West of Ireland.
Speaking about the project Rebecca Lloyd the Centre’s Schools Workshop Coordinator said that “not all children need counselling, but they all need support. Teachers are well positioned to provide this positive support and need to be well prepared in the instance that a child experiences a loss”

Founder, Lorna Byrne said: “What is so beautiful about this project is that we already know how important teachers are in the lives of our children but for a child who is grieving their teacher takes on a whole new role. Sometimes a teacher might not be sure about how to best help a child in their classroom with grief or a teacher themselves may have experienced grief and this might be difficult for them too.
Having first-hand experience of losing my husband while having young children I know how important other adults can be in the lives of grieving children, to encourage them, care for them and support them through their grief. We are so delighted to support this really positive project to make sure grieving children are supported in schools too.”

The bereavement education project will also include workshops for teachers on how to handle grief and loss in the school environment with the aim of helping prevent emotional and behavioural problems that could affect the child into adult life.

Children’s Grief Centre Director and Founder Helen Culhane said, “”We are so delighted to receive this wonderful grant especially at this challenging time for society. Teachers returning to the classroom will need our support more than ever. Many children will have experienced bereavement during this break from school and will need the support of the school community. We want to help schools and teachers as much as we can and thanks to this funding we can make a difference”.
This project was only made possible because of the generous support of the Lorna Byrne Children’s Foundation.

For more information on this project contact the Children’s Grief Centre: E: T: (087) 9851733