It’s Bereaved Children’s Week with events happening all over the country!

Today there is a first Dialogue Day with key stakeholders in the education sector to look at the needs of bereaved children in the class room. Members and other interested people are holding 18 different events including talks in libraries, parishes, schools, information stands, coffee mornings and a remembrance event for local communities.

Irish Bereaved Children’s Network will hold their 2nd annual conference, this Friday, which I know many of you will be attending where we will launch Irish childhood bereavement standards for consultation.

There has been great media coverage so far with a 2 page feature in the Irish Times by Sheila Wayman and an interview on Newstalk Radio and EastCoast FM. Sir Al Aynsley Green, who is speaking at the conference, hopes to speak on Matt Cooper at 5:30pm on Thursday, so listen in if your free. (Links to media below)…/what-to-do-children-and-bereave……/my-son-kept-asking-when-daddy-w……/expert-s-advice-on-what-childre…

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